Sunday, August 30, 2009

Packed memories

The book of my memories. A visual journal where memories are kept, by packing the important events in my life and sticking representative images on them.
Technique: mixed media, 50x50x50 cm

Imaginary and Real

This work is based on the novel "L'Ecume des Jours" by Boris Vian, where nothing is what it seems to be. I imagined a world in which every object can have a different meaning and utility depending on the way you perceive it. It's like a machine that goes round and round, but always does different things.
Technique: mixed media on PFL


A glimpse inside the "spiritual" human body, ink on paper

Info Arte

Cover proposal for the newspaper of "The Faculty of Fine Arts and Design Timisora"

Christmas cards

Imaginary characters

Aquatinte and aquaforte, 42x33 cm

The goat with three kids

Illustration proposal for the story "The goat with three kids" by Ion Creanga, interior pages and covers.
I wanted the book to be attractive for children, so I made it interactive. The right page is double, it folds and has a cut out, so one can see the drawing on the next page.


Illustrations for a poem, mixed media

Man.Time. Metamorphosis

The work “Man. Time. Metamorphosis" represents the objectivation of an older preoccupation, being based on the way in which, today’s world leaves its print on myself through its mode of manifestation and evolution. I have portrayed from a historical perspective the man-time relationship which, is modified depending on the experience accumulated by man in the broader context of its epoch. During his historic voyage, man’s relationship with time changes. Using this reality as a starting point, I have created a work composed of six parts that tries to convey graphically through the full-empty duality, the way in which the relationship between man and time changes. From a chromatic point of view, in the present work I used the two non-colors, black and white, in an attempt to accentuate the tragedy of this struggle. Black represents the objectivation of time whereas, white represents the objectivation of being. In a first instance, man appears shapely, having ties with time that are natural, and man consumes the time which, seems limitless and poses no psychological pressure. I represented this “positive” perception of time, both by keeping unaltered the anatomical proportions of the human body and also through its posture.
Gradually man seems to enter a race with time which, leads to successive disfigurements. Thus, man’s relation with time drastically changes, time seems to compress, seems to evade man’s attempts at holding it still. Man looses the time. This disfigurement actually means dismemberment through the very cancelling of his anatomy, man becoming a chaotic shape, in disequilibrium, without the possibility of re-equilibrating itself. Paradoxically, it is the same time which at first, man believes to dominate, to appropriate, and that will eventually impose its limits, limits impossible to break away from. From a graphic perspective, this idea is underlined in the last two parts of the work through a strong black frame.


A snail's dream to become a bird

print film, metal sticks, string, 21x21x21 cm

Interpreted portrait

Mixed media, 40x50 cm

Nude studies

Charcoal on paper, 70x100 cm

Palinca de Zalau

Label design for a tr
aditional alcoholic drink


Poster for a bulb company called Rombec
"The light at the end of the tunnel"

Presentation booklet for a website